Scientific Name: 
Fringilla coelebs

15 cm; Male 22 g, Female 21 g. Sparrow-sized finch with conspicuous white shoulder, wingbar and outer tailfeathers. Adult male has black forehead, blue-grey crown and nape; rich pinkish-brown face and underparts, fading to white on belly; reddish-brown back; olive rump. Female and juvenile lack male colours; mainly soft brownish grey, except greenish rump and prominent white wingbars on darker wing. Flight undulating; flight call a soft single ''tsip''. Malesonga series of short loud not-, ending in aflourish: ''chip chip chip tell tell tell chery-erry-erry tissi cheweeo'', usually given from a high perch. Usual calls a metallic ''pink'' or ''chwink-chwink'', and a whistling ''huit''. Habitat: Native and exotic forest, scrub, farmland, tussockland, parks and gardens. Breeding: Sep-Feb.

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