Scientific Name: 
Carduelis chloris

15 cm, 28 g. A robust olive-greenfinch with a pale heavy bill and prominent yellow on the sides of the tail and the edges of the closed wing. Males olive green, the brightest have a conspicuous yellow eyebrow and yellowish belly. Females browner, dull olive green, the dullest a washed-out greenish brown. Juvenile and many immatures duller again, mainly brown, streaked darker with yellowish-green wash on rump and upper tail coverts. Flight undulating, looking heavy-bodied and short-tailed, and showing yellow wing flashes. Out of breeding season, often form large flocks in weed-infested crops. In breeding season, male repeatedly calls a harsh drawn-out ''dzwee''. Other common calls are a pleasant twittering ''chichichichichit-teu-teu-teu-teu'', sometimes just the ''teu'' notes; and a sweet rising ''tsooeet''. Habitat: Farmland, pine plantations, native bush and scrub fringes, pine and macrocarpa shelterbelts, parks and gardens.Breeding: Oct-Mar.

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