House Sparrow

Scientific Name: 
Passer domesticus

14 cm, 30 g. A gregarious, garrulous and quarrelsome associate of humans. Conical bill. Adult male chestnut brown above, streaked black on back; crown darkgrey; rump greyish brown; underparts greyish white. Black bib and bill in breeding season, bib smaller and bill greyish pink rest of year. Female and juvenile drab sandy brown above, streaked darker on back; greyish white below; pale buffy eyebrow and sides to neck. Young juvenile often shows fleshy yellow gape. Flight fast and direct, showing small white wingbar. Voice a variety of monotonous unmusical cheeps and chirps. Habitat: Towns, arable farmland and farm shelterbelts, orchards; sometimes edges of native forest well away from human habitation. Breeding: Sep-Feb.

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